Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Paris program 27-29th November

"If you don't want God you'd better have a Multiverse" third seminar, curated by Raimundas Malasauskas, next weekend in Paris.
More info and program on the blog.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

San Francisco Conversations

Speech and What Archive will be meeting in San Francisco for two weeks between 18 November and 1 December.
Events include:
Living Archives vernisage, Swell Gallery Graduate Centre SFAI, 19 November
SWA apartment meeting and dinner, cnr 15th St & De Haro, 20 November
SWA Workshop, California College of Art (CCA) Social Practice, 23 November
Living Archives Symposium, San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), 24 November
SWA Bar meeting, Pacific Heights, 24 November
SWA and Living Archives dinner, Bryant between 6th & 5th, 27 November
SWA Conversation, CCA Social Practice, 30 November
(Living Archives is a project of Sébastien Pluot and includes SWA's Clémence de Montgolfier)

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Friday, 13 November 2009

Report from Kiev

In the midst of the Swine-Flu pandemic where schools, theatres and most public institutions were closed, Vision Forum in collaboration with Yulia Usova and PAI in Stockholm organized a lecture series (breaking local laws by doing so). Artist Olav Westphalen and a group of students from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm joined us and made a series of improvised and greatly enjoyable performances at Les Kurbas Theater Center. New contacts were made and old ones created (without wearing any face masks).

The above picture is from Olav's talk at Collection Gallery which was generously supported by the Embassy of Sweden. The pictures below are from Per Hüttner's talk at Les' Kurbas Theater Center, where he served Chicken Kiev during his presentation. (Photos by Sofia Rundgren)

Keep your eyes peeled on: http://tig-kiev.blogspot.com/ for more pictures, texts and information about the events in November and upcoming Invisible Generation projects.

Below a few pictures from the performances at Les' Kurbas Theater Center.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Documentation: The Invisible Generation - workshop of the Fourth OCAT International Art Residency

The Invisible Generation in Shenzhen in the end of October was a wonderful event and a great success. Everyone at Vision Forum extends their heartfelt and warm thanks to all the participating artists, the wonderful audience and the sponsors and the organizers at OCAT - especially Wang Jing for her unending enthusiasm amidst all the chaos.

You will find more pictures and information about the event on:


Paris Conversation

The next meeting of Speech and What Archive will be in Paris on Saturday 14 November, from 3pm at 21 rue de la Villette 75019

This meeting for participants of SWA will include, among other things,
a conversation
poster and reader projects update
individual and collaborative project update
melbourne / berlin plans
eating, drinking and dancing