Friday, 11 December 2009

Speech and What Archvie Affiches/Posters

Speech and What Archive present a moving, impulsive conversation by twenty-one people looking to find ways to say-what-we-want individually and in a group. What can be said? What will get kept?

it should have been me, BADLY ARCHIVED, temporary archives, unintended event, lost archive, No archive, burning all, we keep all, Compulsive hoarding, misunderstanding as a form of communication, from Gutenberg til now, hot pyjamas for winter, blackout, structural uncertainty, living archives, incomprehensible democracy, finding my female voice, Ö╖f ╨D}┐ ╜¼ .î ⌡Θ╗╒ 3╪/ε]Z!░|3ß)░√0é(A▓5₧^GT]é)╔YOÆ πÉâÖπ1╩ ▐V°Bv9p|╓┌ ─U=63YNT e£ ( WΓ”3╜0Ü ╝ Rq$+ :àαä2╞ü ΦO”1Pμ Æîë ╘!k º╖ù^╪┘╡ B: ─ 5 Ü ß Ω ╚ ∙ è ½ â 6 ü t ⌠ É l c ╜ 8 ª T ” ? ╕ A Ö¿B}>>╥PZÆòÄm NmU░^█é#«“▒ê█φ^¥╫┬ ▒╟, , To what extent can we trust history upon which our identities are based, Both adverse selection and moral hazards are key factors in designing efficient mechanisms to mitigate climate change, Billie Jean King, manipulated images, elvis greatest, image over text, green circle, be wary of the image, imperative for withdrawal, another person who was thinking about me, black disk folded, if it weren't for the prison we'd know we were in the prison, withdrawal, battery as a gift, suspended space, restriction and flow, take your place take your space, I have been told that it was not all about saving, what can be yet to come in a world that is absolutely full, the internet is like a disorganized archive, if everything were accessible the world would be an archive.

coffee and cake will be provided
sur la Maison Flottante/on the Floating House
Cneai Chatou Sunday 13 December 15h – 18h
rsvp acwprojects at gmail dot com

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Vision Forum Conference at Musée du Temps

Vision Forum organizes a conference in collaboration with ERBA at Musée du Temps in Besançon. The discussion will focus on the role of international dialogue and exchange for a vital contemporary visual art scene. Part of the program will also touch upon how science and interdiscplinarity can offer a vitamin injection for art and culture.


Daniele Balit
Per Hüttner
Natasha Rosling
Viktor Sobiiansky
Yulia Usova

The discussions are lead by Laurent Devèze.

The program starts December 9 at 6pm.

More info here:

Musée du Temps

Musée de France

Palais Granvelle
96 Grande rue

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Paris program 27-29th November

"If you don't want God you'd better have a Multiverse" third seminar, curated by Raimundas Malasauskas, next weekend in Paris.
More info and program on the blog.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

San Francisco Conversations

Speech and What Archive will be meeting in San Francisco for two weeks between 18 November and 1 December.
Events include:
Living Archives vernisage, Swell Gallery Graduate Centre SFAI, 19 November
SWA apartment meeting and dinner, cnr 15th St & De Haro, 20 November
SWA Workshop, California College of Art (CCA) Social Practice, 23 November
Living Archives Symposium, San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), 24 November
SWA Bar meeting, Pacific Heights, 24 November
SWA and Living Archives dinner, Bryant between 6th & 5th, 27 November
SWA Conversation, CCA Social Practice, 30 November
(Living Archives is a project of Sébastien Pluot and includes SWA's Clémence de Montgolfier)

Become a memeber of Speech and What Archive group on Facebook.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Report from Kiev

In the midst of the Swine-Flu pandemic where schools, theatres and most public institutions were closed, Vision Forum in collaboration with Yulia Usova and PAI in Stockholm organized a lecture series (breaking local laws by doing so). Artist Olav Westphalen and a group of students from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm joined us and made a series of improvised and greatly enjoyable performances at Les Kurbas Theater Center. New contacts were made and old ones created (without wearing any face masks).

The above picture is from Olav's talk at Collection Gallery which was generously supported by the Embassy of Sweden. The pictures below are from Per Hüttner's talk at Les' Kurbas Theater Center, where he served Chicken Kiev during his presentation. (Photos by Sofia Rundgren)

Keep your eyes peeled on: for more pictures, texts and information about the events in November and upcoming Invisible Generation projects.

Below a few pictures from the performances at Les' Kurbas Theater Center.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Documentation: The Invisible Generation - workshop of the Fourth OCAT International Art Residency

The Invisible Generation in Shenzhen in the end of October was a wonderful event and a great success. Everyone at Vision Forum extends their heartfelt and warm thanks to all the participating artists, the wonderful audience and the sponsors and the organizers at OCAT - especially Wang Jing for her unending enthusiasm amidst all the chaos.

You will find more pictures and information about the event on:

Paris Conversation

The next meeting of Speech and What Archive will be in Paris on Saturday 14 November, from 3pm at 21 rue de la Villette 75019

This meeting for participants of SWA will include, among other things,
a conversation
poster and reader projects update
individual and collaborative project update
melbourne / berlin plans
eating, drinking and dancing

Friday, 23 October 2009

The Invisible Generation in Beijing and Shenzhen: program and artists

The Invisible Generation in Beijing and Shenzhen

The Invisible Generation is a collection of artistic interventions that spread virally across the continents of our globe. It uses the artistic and curatorial network of Vision Forum as a platform to multiply and make its way into the perception of people in public spaces of selected cities around the world. The project takes its starting point in performative traditions, but focuses on practices and events that cross over into other time-based activities as sound, film, video, literature, theatre, workshops and draws inspiration from other genres such as journalism, fashion, design and further afield from mathematics and physics.

The Invisible Generation started spreading from a base at the VCA Gallery in Melbourne in September 2009 and now the virus has arrived in Beijing and Shenzhen. Here it can be found in sonic material slipped into the desk drawers of a newspaper office (Yan Jun); carnivalesque costumes appearing in public space as temporary and wearable architectures (Natasha Rosling); a collection of lost images retold by storytellers in their everyday life (Good TV); a giant white pillow carried through the streets the Chinese capital to mirror its grandiose buildings (Yang Zhifei); re-enacted déjà vus intruding into the daily routine of subway passengers (Per Hüttner); unannounced public choreography of corruption and guilt (Dinu Li), portable zebra crossings to facilitate jaywalking (Neno Belchev) and temporary appropriation of institutions' unused spaces (Josefin Wikström and Sarah Kim). Together the interventions of The Invisible Generation in China form a multifaceted virus that infects temporality and colonizes social spaces to revitalize the very fabric of reality.

The Invisible Generation spread from OCAT ( in Shenzhen October 23-25 and will linger in various locations in Beijing throughout winter and until spring 2010.

Natasha Rosling – Performative Sculptures (Shenzhen and Beijing 23 Oct – 15 Nov) - url:
Jon Phillips and Matt Hope –  Xiaoban speakers workshops and interventions (23-25/10 Shenzhen) - url:
Neno Belchev – Tricycle and Suitcase Performances; Zebra crossing performance. (23, 24/10 Shenzhen).
Yang Zhifei – Dream workshop and exhibition (23-25/10 Shenzhen); The Pillow Performance (20-25/10 Beijing and Shenzhen) - url:
Anne Klontz – 11:11 Archive Experiment (Shenzhen and Beijing) - url:
Per Hüttner – Deja-vu performances (23, 24/10 Shenzhen) - url:
Dinu Li – You Are the Corrupted One, performance (24/10 Shenzhen) 
Hu Xiangqian –  The Movement is the Music (24/10 Shenzhen)
Josefin Wikström and Sarah Kim – Deep Inside (ongoing Shenzhen and Beijing)
Good TV – This Image Is No More (Beijing) - url:
Yan Jun – News for Tomorrow, Birdcage episode 3 (Beijing) url:
TIG Archive of Instructions (Beijing) - url:
Yan Jun – The Feedback Audio Project (Beijing) 

The Invisble Generation is curated by Per Hüttner and Daniele Balit

For information, press images and material, Shenzhen contact Wang Jing:
wj_j.2008 (at)
or tel: +86-755-26917199, fax: +86-755-26915102
For general information, press images and material contact :
email: vfprog (at) or tel: +8613681145477

Other upcoming TIG events:
The spread of TIG, includes a lecture series, performances and workshops in Kiev October 30 – November 5 and includes artists, curators, actors from Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, Russia and the UK viralizing together.

Supporting institutions: Linköpings universitet, OCT Real Estate Company, French Embassy in Australia, French Embassy in Kiev, The Embassy of Sweden in Peking, The Embassy of Sweden in Kiev, the Swedish Institute in Stockholm, The Consulate of Sweden in Guangzhou, Längmanska Kulturfonden in Stockholm and Linköpings Univesitet in Norrköping. A special thank you to FRAC Île-de-France.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Warming up in Kiev

The Invisible Generation will soon re-appear in new guises in Shenzhen and Kiev and it is still bubbling in Beijing. To warm up in Ukraine, Vision Forum and PAI organize a series of talks in Kiev in the end of October and beginning of November.

Below you find a schedule of the activities.

Yulia Usova, curator (Kiev/Stockholm)
«Contemporary Forms of Cooperation Between Art and Business»
(Oct 29 at 18-00,
Fund for Promotion of Arts Development, Frolovska Str.1/6, tel. 238-65-21)

«Industry of Art Biennials»*
(Nov 31 at 11-30,
HudGraf Gallery, T. Shevchenko Ave. 33 (2-d floor), tel. 8-050-4416174)

Olesya Turkina, critic/curator (St.Petersburg)
«Curatorial Practice in Contemporary Russian art»
(Nov 1 at 14-00,
Ukrainian House, Khreschatik Str. 2, tel. 278-59-50)

Paula von Seth, artist (Stockholm)
«Shadow Worlds of Translation and the Performativity of Apology»*
(Nov 2 at 18-00,
Les’ Kurbas Centre, Volodimirska Str. 23-В, tel. 279-12-89)

Karen McDonald, curator (London)
«Shaping the Shapers»*
(Nov 3 at 18-00
Fund for Promotion of Arts Development, Frolovska Str.1/6, tel. 238-65-21)

Olav Westphalen, artist (Prof. Kungl. Konsthögskolan Stockholm)
«Artist’s Talk»*
(Nov 5 at 18-00
Collection Gallery, Pankivska Str. 8, тел. 287-37-67)

«Power/Art/Humor in the Work of Olav Westphalen»*
(Nov 6 at 18-00
Les’ Kurbas Centre, Volodimirska Str. 23-В, tel. 279-12-89)

Per Hüttner, artist (Stockholm/Paris)
«The Invisible Generation - an International Denouncement of Reality»*
(Nov 7 at 13-00
Les’ Kurbas Centre, Volodimirska Str. 23-В, tel. 279-12-89)

Special events of the project:
in Les’ Kurbas Centre:

• «Life Forms»* - workshop by Paula von Seth (Nov 4 at 15-00)
• «New works and ideas in an unstructured format» - a performance by the students of Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm (Nov 7 at 15-00)

in HudGraf Gallery:

• Video-screening by the students of Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm (Nov 7 at 20-00)

* Presentation is held in English
** Event in conjunction with the conference «Contemporary Theatre Director: the Metamorphosis of Profession» organized by Les’ Kurbas State Centre for Theatre Arts.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Vision Forum member wins Guldsvanen film prize

We congratulate Yang Tingting to winning the prestigious film prize Guldsvanen with her film "Jump".

You can see the film:


and read more about the prize on

We wish Tingting and her team all the best of luck with shooting her first documentary in China in October.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Workshop in Skopje : If you don’t want God, you’d better have a multiverse

conducted by: Yane Calovski 

where: the monastery “St. Joakim Osogovski” located on the slopes of the Osogovo Mountains.
when: October 30th (Friday), 31st (Saturday) and November 1st (Sunday), 2009. Ideal arrival is October 29th (Thursday) and ideal departure afternoon on November 2nd from 2 pm onward.
contact: for more info and full program details.

Program guests:

Stephen Whitmarsh (born in Woerden, The Netherlands, 1979) graduated in 2005 in psychology from the University of Amsterdam, specializing in psychonomics and neuroimaging and now working on his PhD at the Donders Center for Cognitive Neuroimaging of the Radboud University. Although the focus of his PhD is comprehending fundamental neural mechanisms underlying meditation practices, for an adequate understanding he also considers their cultural purposes and metaphysical premises. In collaboration with the University of Amsterdam he is continuing his experiments into the relationship between quantum physics, consciousness and brain processes, having received positive attention on several international conferences dedicated to that subject.

Dr. Sofija Grandakovska
, (born in Strumica, Macedonia, 1973), PhD, Department of General and Comparative Literature at the School of Philology, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. Her MA thesis subjects were Intervening Aspects of the Medieval Icon, Semiotics, Theology and Abstract Art and Discourse of the Prayer. She recently completed her PhD on The Akathistos Hymn of the Mother of God in the Context of Byzantine Hymnography. Her areas of scientific interest are comparative literature and visual art, especially the semiotics of Byzantine literature and fresco painting, sacred types of discourse, anthropology, theology, and cultural heritage and contemporary culture.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Workshop in Rome : If you don’t want God, you’d better have a multiverse

Join us for the first meeting of the series, taking place in Rome on Saturday
26th September, conducted by artist Cesare Pietroiusti, where we will address
issues of time, fatigue, attention, accounts of wandering though the night and its wonders,
watch a documentary about Stephen Hawking, and discuss neuropsychology.

Special guests: Elisa Ottaviani, Stalker, Sergio Lombardo, Lillo Romeo (ufficio per l'Immaginazione Preventiva).

WHERE: 1:1projects, Piazza Scipione Ammirato 1/C - 00179 Roma
Metro A Furio Camillo - Bus 87, 628

WHEN: Saturday 26th September, 6:00pm

INFO: +39 06 454 72265

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Workshop in Paris: Speech and What Archive?

The first workshop for Speech and What Archive? will be held aboard la maison flottante, Centre de l'estampe et de l'art imprimé, Chatou (Cneai). La maison flottante, a floating studio designed by the Bouroullec brothers, is situated on the river Seine next to the Cneai art centre, and is their floating residency atelier.

This three-day intensive workshop is for participants of the Speech and What Archive? research project exclusively. It will create an opportunity for the group to meet, eat together, to generate knowledge from within the group and identify objectives for collaborative and individual projects.

A Constructed World will design and facilitate the workshop, art historian and curator Sébastien Pluot will run the conversation 'Theoretical Heresay' and each member of the group will speak about interests related to speech and archive.

Participants are A Constructed World: Geoff Lowe + Jacqueline Riva,  Liv Barrett. Etienne Bernard, Benoît Bourreau, James Deutsher, Christelle Faucoulanche, Marie Gautier, Anna Hess, Marie Husson, Clémence De Montgolfier, Sébastien Pluot, Jean-François Robardet and Pelin Uran.

Dates and schedule:
Monday 21 September
13h lunch, 14h-18h afternoon session
Tuesday 22 September
11h-13h30 morning session, lunch, 14h30-18h afternoon session
Wednesday 23 September
13h lunch, 14h-18h afternoon session, 18h aperitivo, 20h dinner

Locations and directions:
Maison Levanneur, île des impressionnistes
78400 Chatou
RER A Rueil Malmaison
for further information contact

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Friday, 28 August 2009

Friday, 24 July 2009

The Invisible Generation / Call for contribution / Melbourne

Hello everyone,

You are all invited to contribute to the Archive of instructions part of The Invisible Generation, an evolving project that Vision Forum presents in different cities, starting from Melbourne in early September at the VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery.
We look forward in receiving your intructions for: actions, performances, temporary artworks, objects and social situations, scores and sonic interventions. To find out more just redirect your browser to:

The Invisible Generation

All the best,

Daniele and Per.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

amsterdam: birdcage episode 2

Thanks Yane for posting the program of the symposium which sounds really inspiring. IJburg was also the location of a nice tour conducted by Thijs de Zeeuw and Frank Rietveld, as part of last year Amsterdam VF workshop on utopias / distopias.

Speaking about Amsterdam, I'll be there this week, bringing the 'birdcage' sound gallery to an empty store located in Zeedijk street. The performative intervention by dj sniff is scheduled for next saturday 04/07 and will feature as well Audrey Chen (US), Wun Thong (AU) and Byungjun Kwon (KR/NL). More info here.
I also look forward in meeting you, Yane, Natasha and Yang Zhifei to hear more about your VF projects.

all the best,


Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Out of the Blue - international symposium in Amsterdam

Dear all,
I send you info on "Out of The Blue" - an international symposium on Instant Urbanism, Hospitality and Accelerated History that i am curating and that takes place in Amsterdam in August. The section organized by Paul O’Neill "Accelerated History: Is Time Enough? Duration, Location and Accelerated Histories" I am sure will provoke interest.

If interested do sign up soon!

all the best, 

Full info bellow:

Out of The Blue
An international symposium on Instant Urbanism, Hospitality and Accelerated History.
August 3rd - 9th 2009
The Blue House
IJburg - Amsterdam
The Netherlands

To register please contact:
Deadline for registration: Monday, July 20th, 2009.
Additional information contact:
Ria Hartley, production assistant at:

Out of The Blue is an international symposium organized by The Blue House (Het Blauwe Huis) focusing on three main navigational strands in understanding experimental communities: Instant Urbanism, Hospitality and Accelerated History. The curator of the symposium is Yane Calovski. It is part of Blue House project 'Parade of Urbanism' from Jeanne van Heeswijk and Dennis Kaspori in collaboration with Floris van Heynsbergen.

Out of The Blue is as a discursive forum where a number of investigative questions will be articulated via workshops, intense dialogues, in-conversations, study sessions, public deliberation plenaries, performances, and discussions with a number of guests on stage.

The initiator and main organizer is The Blue House, a four-year durational project initiated in IJburg, a new city extension of Amsterdam. IJburg is a major new urban district being developed on a cluster of man-made islands to the east of Amsterdam city centre. The whole development is governed by a highly detailed plan, the implementation of which is strictly regulated.
Read the full program on the Blue House web site 

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Arousing Your Curiosity

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all fine and that your life, love and work provide you with satisfaction.

I am preparing for a video piece and got carried away on the wings of poetry. So even though I cannot use it in the work I want to share the text with you along with some pix from a connected performance from last year.


It is sitting watching its favourite plant that looks a bit like a maize stalk. The beautiful and majestic marvel grows out of soil that is mixed with digital hardware and books on logic. The traces of mouldy pages, small pieces of broken circuit board are scattered on the ground.

It can sit there for hours and watch how the equations change on its long, narrow leaves and how the muscular stalk is generating new number-series as it is vibrating in the wind.

The most rewarding moment of the day is when the sun sets and it can burn a few dried larvae in the incense module and hook the plant up to its digital interface and watch it generate more beautiful algorithms than it thought were possible.

It is watching the plant and sipping on its favourite oolong tea. The last dying rays of the sun spin through the treetops. It looks at some print-outs of the equations that the plant generates today.
“You must be very proud,” I say.
“Oh, I am.” its voice is deep and confident. There is not a twitch of surprise at hearing my voice.
“You really have achieved marvels in your garden, don’t you want to share your discoveries with the world?”
“No, not really. This is my sanctuary. I only do it for my own pleasure. I have been chasing too many rainbows in my life. Now I want to find pleasure, that's all.”
“Hmm, I like that.”
“What about you? Why do you do what you do?”
“That is a good question,” I can hear my own silence.
“And what is the answer?”
“Calm my friend, that is a very good question and I will reply when you are ready for it, OK?”

Monday, 25 May 2009

open call: to be here and there: general relativity and quantum physics

there's an open call for a publication at Plastik - art & science (La Sorbonne University, Paris), which sounds very interesting. Here some excerpts :
(...) Some innovative theories, such as the quantum theory of gravitation, string theory and their extensions, mark a new way of thinking of a complete description of the Universe. The utopian goal consists of unifying these two pillars of modern science which are the most evolved and the most apt to explain the Universe. In this view it would indeed be possible to bring about every physicist's dream of unifying in a single theory the ultimate equation that could explain the Universe.

(...)The relationship between art and science, which we aim to analyse through this publication, can take the form of: a collaboration between artists and scientists – appropriation and exploration of scientific procedures by artists – visual propositions echoing the scientific problems – scientific research based on a hypothesis formulated through a work of art.

Deadline 15th of June, 2009 >> extended to September

MA show in Stockholm this week

Inside Out Aasa Ersmark

I will screen this video piece together with other videoworks and sculptures at my class' MA show at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm 28th of may-15th of june. For more info, see my blog and visit .

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

non conservation laws

My contribution to visionforum deals with my recent ongoing project "Non Conservation Laws". The project is both an artistic and curatorial attempt to question temporality and emergence within production-distribution-consumption processes, in the context of globalization and network.

Theoretical surroundings
- Linear logic (Jean-Yves Girard, LIGC)
- Storytelling (Christian Salmon)
- Scale Free Networks and Web 2.0 (Albert-Laszlo Barabasi)
- Aesthetics by numbers (Komar & Melamid, Franco Moretti, Christophe Bruno...)
- La topologie et le temps (Jacques Lacan, séminaire XXIV)

Christophe Bruno

Monday, 11 May 2009

Some Inspiration - Returning to the Roots

In his seminal 1968 publication, Rabelais and his World Mikhail Bakhtin returns to the Medieval world where he finds a kind of paradise of human freedom that has been lost. He published this in the Soviet Union at the height of the cold war and he talks about the carnival and other medieval events where social structures were temporarily turned on their heads.

In the quote below he writes about the birth of the word “grotesque” which comes from a time when Roman ornaments were found in Titus’s baths, that were uncovered in the 15th century. Bakhtin writes:

“What is the character of these ornaments? They impressed the connoisseurs by the extremely fanciful, free and playful treatment of plant, animal and human forms. These forms seemed interwoven as if given birth to each other. The borderlines that divide the kingdoms of nature in the normal world were boldly infringed. Neither was there the usual static presentation of reality. There was no longer the movement of finished forms, vegetable or animal, in a finished and stable world; instead the inner movement of being itself was expressed in the passing of one form into the other, in the ever incompleted character of being. This ornamental interplay revealed an extreme lightness and freedom of artistic fantasy, a gay, almost laughing, libertinage.”

What I find so inspiring in this quote (especially the phrase in italics) is that Bakhtin in the medieval finds a reformulation of time and temporality along with a total acceptance of change. Through this reformulation of time, he finds a new form of human freedom. It goes hand in hand with the ideas of Vision Forum this year. We have to reformulate time in order to become free, be it through dreams, science or a physical journey across cultural borders.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

MA show in Stockholm

Volcano, Aasa Ersmark

I will screen this video piece together with other videoworks and sculptures at my class' MA show at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm 28th of may-15th of june. For more info, see my blog and visit

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Practicalities: what program are you on?

check on the following document in which program you are enrolled:
click here

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Calabi-Yau Presents - a brief intro.


Within the framework of the project (Anti)Realism and in my latest solo-show in Sweden (all work shown are entitled Calabi-Yau Presents), we have carried out some public events in Liverpool, Melbourne, Rome and on the Swedish west cost. They all deal in various ways with alternative views on temporality and play with how we perceive time and space.

Many of the themes in the two exhibitions, tie in neatly with your projects and can function as a starting ground for further discussions. You find more detailed documentation on:

Kay Abude, Amy Johannes, Makiko Yamamoto and Ellen Taylor realized the project in Melbourne; Antonio Venti and Adrianne Drake worked with me in Rome; Karin Ekman Johansson, Angelika Fernlund, Elisabeth Kihlström , Cecilia Jönsson , Mikael Sörhuus, Chris Magnusson, Anders Olofson, Britta Persson, Ida-Britta Petrelius and Marcus Jonsson carried out the interventions in Gerlesborg and Angelica Vanasse, Rob Flynn, and Niamh Flanagan worked together in Liverpool and Daniele Balit improvised in Paris.

Monday, 16 March 2009

two hundred light years

We may be only one of millions of advanced civilizations. Unfortunately, space being spacious, the average distance between any two of these civilizations is reckoned to be at least two hundred light years, which is a great deal more than merely saying it makes it sound. It means, for a start, that even if these beings know we are here and are somehow able to see us in their telescopes, they’re watching light that left Earth two hundred years ago. So they’re not seeing you and me. They’re watching the French Revolution and Thomas Jefferson and people in silk stockings and powdered wigs – people who don’t know what an atom is, or a gene, and who make their electricity by rubbing a rod of amber with a piece of fur and think that’s quite a trick. Any message we receive from these observers is likely to begin ‘Dear Sire’, and congratulate us on the handsomeness of our horses and our mastery of whale oil. Two hundred light years is a distance so far beyond us as to be, well, just beyond us.

From A Short History of Nearly Everything
by Bill Bryson

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

new participants

Gerrie van Noord, Yulia Usova, Loulou Cherinet and Juan-Pedro Fabra are the new participants and their new page is ready to be edited. welcome!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Your Details

Hey Everyone,

It is great to read about all your exciting projects!

I look forward to more.

Can you fill out you details (address, phone etc.) on:

all the best/P

Friday, 13 February 2009

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to the new vision forum blog. This will be a central tool for Vision Forum 2009.

All of you who have agreed to join VF 2009 find your own blog to the left. to edit the blog and fill in the necessary information just go to your dashboard, having logged in with your gmail account.

If your name isn't there and you are ready to join us in 2009, just let us know and we will set up a blog for you.

If you have any questions regarding the blog just contact Daniele on:

dbalit (at)

All the Best/PH

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A beautiful little film about time.

Hello Everyone,

Here is an amazing introduction to the higher dimensions in mathematics and physics which is also very interesting in terms of temporality:

Get ready, this little clip will change your life forever.


Timeline of Vision Forum 2009

February 09 - First draft of projects are posted on the weblog.
* March-May 09–development of projects and formulation of events.
* April 1-10 you will enrol at Linköpings universitet. This will be done online (information will be sent to you via e-mail). If you have not studied in Sweden before you need to provide your postal address, e-mail, date of birth and a scanned version of your BA or MA diploma (see how to do this below).
* June 09 – description of events sent in.
* July 09, you will be given a list of events that you can participate in during autumn 2009.
* September 09 – you pay your fee to the university (270 SEK in 2008). You also send in a short project description to the university.
* August 09-January 10  - realisation of projects and events. (Note that is also the time that you can access your budget. No reimbursements will be made before August 15.)
* January-February 10 – evaluation.

Monday, 9 February 2009

procedure for reimbursement

Routine for reimbursements of your costs and handling of receipts

The routine for reimbursements of your costs and handling of receipts has been slightly changed. Your expenditures will be reimbursed as soon you have used up your entire budget (one payment per term) and you have sent the original receipts plus one photocopy to Per:

Per Hüttner
143 Boulevard de Magenta
75010 Paris

1. Tape up all the receipts on A4-sheets – see example here: receipts.jpg
2. Make two photocopies of the sheet(s). (Keep one for your own reference and send one to Per)
3. Make an excel-file where you sum up all your costs and convert to Swedish kronor. You can make conversions on . Make sure that the numbers of the receipts correspond to your list.

You find a template that you can use here: example.xls

4. Include a paper which has the following information:

Your Name and Address,
Your Bank's BIC address
Your Bank account's IBAN number

5.Name of the course that you are taking:

Tvärmedial gestaltning och samtidskonst 739G01,
Utställningen som medium 739G08,
Tvärmedial gestaltning och samtidskonst, avancerad 739A22,
Utställningen som medium, avancerad 7739A23,
KG MASTER-projekt (Swedish master) 739A25,
INT. MASTER 2009 – 739A35

6. e-mail your BIC and IBAN to:

Please note:

- that you will be reimbursed for costs related to travel (tickets, accommodation etc) and material costs. If you buy inventory (e.g. computer hardware, camera equipment etc.) this will belong to LiU and will have to be returned when you finish the course.
- that costs for food, web-hotels and domain names will only in special cases be reimbursed.
- that if you do not follow the above, your documents will be returned to you.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Vision Forum 2009

Vision Forum is an experimental think tank which provides an informal, open platform for developing new ways to expand and enrich contemporary culture. The forum offers a group of cultural practioners the opportunity to get together to share experiences and to deepen their own curatorial or artistic practices through inter-disciplinary projects and collaborative networking. The emphasis is on a visionary, rather than critical, and practical, rather than analytical, approach.

In its first year, Vision Forum participants examined visionary strategies in architecture, artistic production and curatorial practice. Meetings and events took place in Guangzhou, Amsterdam, Rome, Zürich, Norrköping and Stockholm.

In 2009, its second year, Vision Forum will investigate time and temporality. Using contemporary theories outside the field of art (including mathematics, physics and pyschoanalysis), Vision Forum will develop alternative strategies and visionary ways to think about time and to push the boundaries of art. Through research, discussion and production, Vision Forum will explore the theory of the ‘multiverse’ and imaginary time.