Friday, 24 July 2009

The Invisible Generation / Call for contribution / Melbourne

Hello everyone,

You are all invited to contribute to the Archive of instructions part of The Invisible Generation, an evolving project that Vision Forum presents in different cities, starting from Melbourne in early September at the VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery.
We look forward in receiving your intructions for: actions, performances, temporary artworks, objects and social situations, scores and sonic interventions. To find out more just redirect your browser to:

The Invisible Generation

All the best,

Daniele and Per.


  1. Hi guys...
    Would you be offended if folks in Melbourne spontaneously create their own street interventions using the Invisible Generation name? By which I mean anything, and without notification? We would, however, prefer if you dropped the associations with art, since the appellation unfortunately tends to drown out any properly interesting content that materialises in street-based interventions, and we do not need the safety of the signifier nor the bourgeois cultural capital of art's ideological aura. Experience is its own authority!
    All the best,
    The Gertrude Street artists.