Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Timeline of Vision Forum 2009

February 09 - First draft of projects are posted on the weblog.
* March-May 09–development of projects and formulation of events.
* April 1-10 you will enrol at Linköpings universitet. This will be done online (information will be sent to you via e-mail). If you have not studied in Sweden before you need to provide your postal address, e-mail, date of birth and a scanned version of your BA or MA diploma (see how to do this below).
* June 09 – description of events sent in.
* July 09, you will be given a list of events that you can participate in during autumn 2009.
* September 09 – you pay your fee to the university (270 SEK in 2008). You also send in a short project description to the university.
* August 09-January 10  - realisation of projects and events. (Note that is also the time that you can access your budget. No reimbursements will be made before August 15.)
* January-February 10 – evaluation.