Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Out of the Blue - international symposium in Amsterdam

Dear all,
I send you info on "Out of The Blue" - an international symposium on Instant Urbanism, Hospitality and Accelerated History that i am curating and that takes place in Amsterdam in August. The section organized by Paul O’Neill "Accelerated History: Is Time Enough? Duration, Location and Accelerated Histories" I am sure will provoke interest.

If interested do sign up soon!

all the best, 

Full info bellow:

Out of The Blue
An international symposium on Instant Urbanism, Hospitality and Accelerated History.
August 3rd - 9th 2009
The Blue House
IJburg - Amsterdam
The Netherlands

To register please contact: info@blauwehuis.org
Deadline for registration: Monday, July 20th, 2009.
Additional information contact:
Ria Hartley, production assistant at: moteloutoftheblue@gmail.com

Out of The Blue is an international symposium organized by The Blue House (Het Blauwe Huis) focusing on three main navigational strands in understanding experimental communities: Instant Urbanism, Hospitality and Accelerated History. The curator of the symposium is Yane Calovski. It is part of Blue House project 'Parade of Urbanism' from Jeanne van Heeswijk and Dennis Kaspori in collaboration with Floris van Heynsbergen.

Out of The Blue is as a discursive forum where a number of investigative questions will be articulated via workshops, intense dialogues, in-conversations, study sessions, public deliberation plenaries, performances, and discussions with a number of guests on stage.

The initiator and main organizer is The Blue House, a four-year durational project initiated in IJburg, a new city extension of Amsterdam. IJburg is a major new urban district being developed on a cluster of man-made islands to the east of Amsterdam city centre. The whole development is governed by a highly detailed plan, the implementation of which is strictly regulated.
Read the full program on the Blue House web site 

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Arousing Your Curiosity

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all fine and that your life, love and work provide you with satisfaction.

I am preparing for a video piece and got carried away on the wings of poetry. So even though I cannot use it in the work I want to share the text with you along with some pix from a connected performance from last year.


It is sitting watching its favourite plant that looks a bit like a maize stalk. The beautiful and majestic marvel grows out of soil that is mixed with digital hardware and books on logic. The traces of mouldy pages, small pieces of broken circuit board are scattered on the ground.

It can sit there for hours and watch how the equations change on its long, narrow leaves and how the muscular stalk is generating new number-series as it is vibrating in the wind.

The most rewarding moment of the day is when the sun sets and it can burn a few dried larvae in the incense module and hook the plant up to its digital interface and watch it generate more beautiful algorithms than it thought were possible.

It is watching the plant and sipping on its favourite oolong tea. The last dying rays of the sun spin through the treetops. It looks at some print-outs of the equations that the plant generates today.
“You must be very proud,” I say.
“Oh, I am.” its voice is deep and confident. There is not a twitch of surprise at hearing my voice.
“You really have achieved marvels in your garden, don’t you want to share your discoveries with the world?”
“No, not really. This is my sanctuary. I only do it for my own pleasure. I have been chasing too many rainbows in my life. Now I want to find pleasure, that's all.”
“Hmm, I like that.”
“What about you? Why do you do what you do?”
“That is a good question,” I can hear my own silence.
“And what is the answer?”
“Calm my friend, that is a very good question and I will reply when you are ready for it, OK?”