Monday, 9 February 2009

procedure for reimbursement

Routine for reimbursements of your costs and handling of receipts

The routine for reimbursements of your costs and handling of receipts has been slightly changed. Your expenditures will be reimbursed as soon you have used up your entire budget (one payment per term) and you have sent the original receipts plus one photocopy to Per:

Per Hüttner
143 Boulevard de Magenta
75010 Paris

1. Tape up all the receipts on A4-sheets – see example here: receipts.jpg
2. Make two photocopies of the sheet(s). (Keep one for your own reference and send one to Per)
3. Make an excel-file where you sum up all your costs and convert to Swedish kronor. You can make conversions on . Make sure that the numbers of the receipts correspond to your list.

You find a template that you can use here: example.xls

4. Include a paper which has the following information:

Your Name and Address,
Your Bank's BIC address
Your Bank account's IBAN number

5.Name of the course that you are taking:

Tvärmedial gestaltning och samtidskonst 739G01,
Utställningen som medium 739G08,
Tvärmedial gestaltning och samtidskonst, avancerad 739A22,
Utställningen som medium, avancerad 7739A23,
KG MASTER-projekt (Swedish master) 739A25,
INT. MASTER 2009 – 739A35

6. e-mail your BIC and IBAN to:

Please note:

- that you will be reimbursed for costs related to travel (tickets, accommodation etc) and material costs. If you buy inventory (e.g. computer hardware, camera equipment etc.) this will belong to LiU and will have to be returned when you finish the course.
- that costs for food, web-hotels and domain names will only in special cases be reimbursed.
- that if you do not follow the above, your documents will be returned to you.

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