Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Vision Forum 2009

Vision Forum is an experimental think tank which provides an informal, open platform for developing new ways to expand and enrich contemporary culture. The forum offers a group of cultural practioners the opportunity to get together to share experiences and to deepen their own curatorial or artistic practices through inter-disciplinary projects and collaborative networking. The emphasis is on a visionary, rather than critical, and practical, rather than analytical, approach.

In its first year, Vision Forum participants examined visionary strategies in architecture, artistic production and curatorial practice. Meetings and events took place in Guangzhou, Amsterdam, Rome, Zürich, Norrköping and Stockholm.

In 2009, its second year, Vision Forum will investigate time and temporality. Using contemporary theories outside the field of art (including mathematics, physics and pyschoanalysis), Vision Forum will develop alternative strategies and visionary ways to think about time and to push the boundaries of art. Through research, discussion and production, Vision Forum will explore the theory of the ‘multiverse’ and imaginary time.

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