Monday, 25 May 2009

open call: to be here and there: general relativity and quantum physics

there's an open call for a publication at Plastik - art & science (La Sorbonne University, Paris), which sounds very interesting. Here some excerpts :
(...) Some innovative theories, such as the quantum theory of gravitation, string theory and their extensions, mark a new way of thinking of a complete description of the Universe. The utopian goal consists of unifying these two pillars of modern science which are the most evolved and the most apt to explain the Universe. In this view it would indeed be possible to bring about every physicist's dream of unifying in a single theory the ultimate equation that could explain the Universe.

(...)The relationship between art and science, which we aim to analyse through this publication, can take the form of: a collaboration between artists and scientists – appropriation and exploration of scientific procedures by artists – visual propositions echoing the scientific problems – scientific research based on a hypothesis formulated through a work of art.

Deadline 15th of June, 2009 >> extended to September


  1. I checked the link you provided and it posts the deadline as September 15, 2009.