Friday, 9 April 2010

The Invisible Generation at various public locations in Kiev - 2-4 July 2010

Oksana Chepelyk, Oleg Chorny and Gena Khmaruk, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Klas Eriksson, GangDon, Volodymyr Karashevskyi, Alexander Kokhanovsky, Oksana Plysyuk, Per Hüttner and Olav Westphalen, Jean-François Robardet and Simon Hitziger, TanzLaboratorium and Huang Xiaopeng

Curated by Per Hüttner and Yulia Usova

Vision Forum, PAI and Les’ Kurbas Center are proud to announce The Invisible Generation in Kiev.

The Invisible Generation is an ongoing contemporary art project that has appeared in different guises in Beijing, Melbourne and Shenzhen. The venues have been carefully selected due to their specific historical contexts and their perceived trajectories into the future. The project takes its starting point in performative traditions, but focuses on practices and events that cross over into other time-based activities, such as sound, film, video, literature, theatre and workshops. The project offers new situations for art and audience to meet outside of where one expects to meet an art piece or performance. The Invisible Generation allows the artists and audience to investigate how art can become a tool to shift our outlook at reality when it appears with an element of surprise.

The numerous interventions of The Invisible Generation will take many shapes and appear at many unexpected places. During three days Private Contractors (Olav Westphalen and Per Hüttner) will offer a free service to the citizens of Kiev. In three different public locations they will set up a vending table and some information placards, offering to censor books and printed matter professionally and free of charge.

Kiev artists’ collective TanzLaboratorium will stage two distinctly different projects. They drive around a group of strange aliens in an impressive SUV. When the creatures leave the car they are lead by the hand by immaculately dressed people and taken around to see all the tourist sites of the city. The group will stage heated discussions in the metro about philosophical issues - the words spoken are quoted from Plato’s dialogues.

Huang Xiaopeng will distribute posters and pamphlets around Kiev that offer new outlooks on political history and activism. He takes politically charged texts from the communist past and capitalist present that have been google-translated so many times that their message has been totally scrambled. He mixes these with explosive imagery that beckons us to believe that the content is forceful and subversive.

On a more poetic note, Kiev based artist Oksana Chepelyk will release a large number of Chinese paper lanterns in the form of skyscrapers. These will blow away in the Kiev night sky, allowing us to see the calm beauty while reflecting on how real-estate speculation affect to our daily lives.

On Friday July 2 a DJ evening will take place at the yard of Les’ Kurbas Center including Alexander Kokhanovsky, Jean-François Robardet and Klas Eriksson. Among the many events there will also be film screenings by Oksana Plysyuk, Oleg Chorniy&Gena Khmaruk and Huang Xiaopeng.

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