Thursday, 8 April 2010

Speech and What Archive? Melbourne Flottante

A Constructed World
Liv Barrett
Etienne Bernard
Fiona Connor and Tahi Moore
James Deutsher and Simon Taylor
Christelle Foucoulanche
Marie Gautier and Emma Crayssac
Anna Hess and Rémi Roye
Marie Husson
Ben Kinmont
Hoert van Mensvoort
Clémence de Montgolfier
Sébastien Pluot
Julien Prévieux
Raphael Zarka

Please join us on Saturday the 10th of April from 18-20h

Speech and What Archive? began on a floating house on a river in Chatou at the invitation of A Constructed World.
In Melbourne Flottante, we continue to consider what is kept and why it is kept, how things may be mapped, traced or stored, the possible shape and content of an archive, who may speak and what is kept unsaid, and generally what is privileged in culture so that it is available to the future.
The exhibition is composed of a presentation element, where objects that in some way act as archives will be exhibited at Y3K, and archive development, where the curators will work on methodologies of archiving and re-presentation for the duration of the show.

Speech and What Archive? Melbourne Flottante is curated by Marie Gautier and Anna Hess (Paris) and Liv Barrett and James Deutsher (Melbourne) with the support and counsel of A Constructed World.

Speech and What Archive is a project of A Constructed World. This project was made possible with funding and support from Vision Forum and Linköping University; CNEAI, Chatou; Social Practice MFA Program, CCA, San Francisco; and Villa Arson, Nice.
Exhibitions open until Saturday the 1st of May. Y3K open from 12 noon till 6pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday, or by appointment.

Please join us on Saturday the 17th April at 2pm for a talk as part of the Speech and What Archive? exhibition.
205 Young St.

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